Historical Sites

Life in Tainan – Historical Sites

  • Tainan City is Taiwan’s oldest city, serving as the capital of Taiwan from 1661-1887.
  • As the ancient capital of Taiwan, Tainan is notable for its historical sites and mouth-watering delicacies, 

Confucius Temple(孔廟) :

It, also known as “The Highest Institute”, was built in 1666. It is the first Confucius temple constructed in Taiwan and back in the days, it was the only place of the highest official institute of higher learning in Taiwan. 

Chihkan Tower(赤崁樓):

It is one of many prominent heritages of Taiwan. It was built by the Dutch in 1653 to serve as their administrative center. The walls were once 453 feet around and 36 feet in height which were made of bricks imported from Java, while the walls of buildings were made from rock-hard bricks of oyster shell lime mixed with sugar water and glutinous rice paste. It has been classified as one of Taiwan’s Tier-One heritages since 1982 

Anping  Fort (安平古堡)

It was built by the Dutch during their colonial period in 1624. The fort has a history over 300 years, and it is now the oldest fort of Taiwan.

Eternal Golden Castle (億載金城)

It was the first modern fort built in 1876 to increase defense the city from a sea attack.