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The iCAMP Curriculum

Academic Calendar

  • There are two semesters in an academic year. The first semester (Fall) begins around the middle of September and lasts till the middle of the January in the following year.  The second semester (Spring) begins around the middle of February and lasts till the end of June.  In between are summer and winter vacations. 

Length of Study

  • It typically takes two years to complete the degree. The maximum time allowed to complete the degree is 4 years.
  • Note that the NCKU International Distinguished Scholarship is only awarded for a maximum of two years.

Credit Requirements

  • iCAMP is offered as a thesis-based Master's degree.
  • All students are required to complete their thesis before receiving their degrees.
  • At least a total of 28 credits [6 required credits + 4 credits Seminar + 18 credits electives] are needed to complete the degree.
  • A single class is 3 credits each. A single seminar class is 1 credit.
  • More specific class information may be seen in the online NCKU Course Catalog [link, website]. Look for "( NB ) International Curriculum for Advanced Materials Program,iCAMP icam" under the list of Engineering programs